XIV. Csipke Népzene- és Néptánctábor


2022. June 25. Saturday –
2022. July 2. Saturday


Sauk Valley Campground

49230 Woodstock Township, Prospect Hill Highway 10750.

Egyesült Államok

We are extremely happy to announce that Csipke Folk Dance and Folk Music Camp 2022 is open for registration. For the past two years the camp has been on hiatus as a result of the pandemic. We are hopeful and confident that COVID is on the decline, but also wary enough to understand the importance of ensuring that all CDC guidelines will be implemented during the camp. We remain diligent in the face of any type of resurgence. Your health is important to us! This year, because of lingering travel restrictions from the pandemic, the camp will provide an opportunity for musicians and teachers from North America to be featured. The program itself will remain unchanged. As in other years there will be adult dance instruction, adult beginners dance instruction, children’s and youth dance instruction, advanced violin instruction, children’s violin instruction, as well as children’s crafts, folk games and activities. As far as the material, besides Nyárádselye, we are still working on it and ironing out the details. We will let you know once that becomes apparent. This will be a special year, there is a lot we have to determine and come to terms with. We hope there will be as much interest in Csipke 2022 as there was in past camps, and hope that coming together with friends and fellow musicians and dancers will motivate people to take part. However, we also need to be practical and realistic, and be ready to alter and reorganize certain parts of the camp just in case the numbers do not reflect the enthusiasm. We guarantee a fun and good camp, with people you haven’t seen in more than two years. See you all at Csipke

A Folknaptárba bárki felvihet eseményeket. Az adatokat próbáljuk ellenőrizni, igyekszünk napra készek lenni, de felelősséget sajnos nem tudunk vállalni a pontosságukért.